Skate and BMX qualifying results, Scooter postponed to Sunday


ASG - 15

Photo by Richard Hathaway Photography

It’s been a huge day over in the Skate park at Action Sports Games. Approaching Cyclone Olwyn rained out the Scooter qualifying that was scheduled for Friday 13th.

Saturday started with more rain, so qualifying for all three disciplines was further delayed.
Skate qualifying started at 1pm with the top 10 going through to the semi-finals, scheduled for 12:30 Sunday.
It was a close round of qualifying with a tie for first and 7th position

1 Barry Mansfield 107
Cory Tyers 107
2 Connor Harrington 106
3 Harry Clark 95
4 Zac Clinckers 93
5 Josh Birstwhistle 91
6 Aaron Winter 88
7 Jesse Wilson 87
Joe Bothams 87

Cory Tyers and Josh Birstwhistle are the skaters to watch in tomorrow’s finals

BMX qualifying followed with the following 10 riders going through to the semi finals on Sunday.

1 Brock Horneman 231
 2 Jack Kahey 220
3  Laurence Bakewell 206
4 Nathan Philps 204
5  Daniel Chairelli 200
6 Dylan Schmidt 199
7 David Pinelli 196
8 Jacob Deabreu 193
 9  Sam Thomas 170
 10  Lee Kirkham 168

During the half-pipe battle jam Jacob Debreu came off his bike with a serious ankle injury, which takes him out of the BMX finals tomorrow.

The BMX and Skate Half Pipe Battle Jam followed, taking breaks when the rains came in with the Freestyle Now team furiously clearing water of the half-pipe between rounds.

Top 5 in Skate Half Pipe Battle Jam
Connor Harrington
Brendon Cross
Paul Bruno
Cory Tyers
Harry Clark

Top 5 in BMX Half Pipe battle Jam
Brock Horneman
Daniel Chairelli
Dylan Schmidt
Nathan Philps
Jack Fahey

Scooter semi finals will take place Sunday morning at 8:30am